The Institute for Society, Culture and Environment (ISCE) supports targeted creative, interactive, multi- and interdisciplinary research endeavors involving the social sciences and humanities. The programmatic focus is social and individual transformation. The scholarship focus is on the causes and consequences of the increased interdependence of economic, social, political, and institutional systems. Research extends from public policy to personal identity and includes explorations of race, ethnicity, class, and gender. ISCE also collaborates with other research institutes at Virginia Tech on a variety of topics, including applied ethics, cognitive decision-making, and medical rhetoric.

Faculty are encouraged to sign up for the ISCE listserv. This low-volume email (about 5-6 per month) is how ISCE sends invitations for internal proposals, disseminates updates in external funding policies, provides tips for proposal writing, and announces campus presentations.

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Why Social Science?

Bill Riley, Director of NIH's Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research writes about the importance of research into the social determinants of health and illness.


Faculty Spotlight

Thomas Ewing's research on the Spanish Flu.